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Welcome to UCA Education – There is nothing new to say about the greatness and the importance of education. A conscious person just wants to be well-educated, and if that opportunity is available in a country like United Kingdom, then it is really a dream come true. The opportunity to implement this dream has become more easier than ever before.


To fulfil your desired dream there is no better alternative than UCA Education. We provide professional assistance, in your endeavor with reliability & utmost dedication. Our skilled consultants based in the UK and your home country will take their time to understand your personal and academic circumstances. and then will provide you with the best advice and guide you at every step throughout the process until you have reached your desired goal.

We have affiliation with some of the best universities in the UK.

You would find our partner institutions list in our home page. No matter what you want to study and what part (England, Scotland, Wales) of the UK you would like to pursue your higher education, we have abundance of affiliate institutions who would be happy accept you.


Our Vision

Real time support

We provide real-time support for our students which mean if you have any confusion you can get us 24/7 by email.


All of our services serve as an economic way that can be accepted by any level of our country. That is how we are growing.

Internationally Approved

We are not only working in Bangladesh but also in UK. In many other countries, our agents are working to make partnerships with new more universities.

Why Choose us

If you have ever cherished a dream for education abroad, then UCA Education offers a one-stop-solution to all your queries. We are determined to ensure every possible effort to provide students a smooth and suitable process of relocation for higher education in the UK.

UCA Education can be the first choice for the students who want to study in the UK because we facilitate the opportunity to meet representatives from different universities, provide assistance in selecting the University and in selection of courses and arrange Direct Interviews for the students. With our Experts’ Advice, we offer students Application and Visa Assistance, Study material and proper information and guidelines regarding everything about the whole process. Therefore, as the consultants of Student Higher Studies, UCA Education can turn your dreams into plans.